Psychology and Social Work

The Berlin Center for Torture Victims (bzfo) offers internships for students of psychology, social work and related areas.

The bzfo provides care for victims of state violence who suffer from physical pain, long-term psycho-emotional damage and psychosomatic disorders. The bzfo is organized as a polyclinic where different disciplines work closely together. The bzfo offers treatment as an outpatient service as well as in the Day Clinic. The psychotherapy services for adults include psychotherapy, gestalt therapy, behavioral therapy and music therapy. The practice field for psychology interns ranges over a broad spectrum of clinical-psychodiagnostic, co-therapeutic and organizational activities.

The tasks for interns include:

  • methodological assessment of findings for psychopathology
  • taking minutes in counselling and therapy sessions
  • assisting in writing psychology reports
  • participation in rounds, team and supervision sessions as well as further training
  • assisting patients during official visits at government offices
  • organizational and content-based work in the Day Clinic (e.g. Developing and supervising a weekly excursion for a patient group)
  • assistance in the reasearch department
  • generally supporting the therapists (e.g. Communicating with patients, research work, etc.)

The requirements for an internship are:

  • current enrolment in a psychology, social work or similar program
  • completion of basic studies
  • the minimum duration of the internship is 6 months
  • clinical experience (in studies or another internship) is advantageous
  • fluency in German (C1 level)

The following documents must be sent with the application:

  • letter of application with the desired time-frame for the internship
  • Curriculum Vitae in table form
  • a copy of the prediploma certificate
  • a copy of proof of enrolment
  • a copy of relevant internship or employment references