The Center ÜBERLEBEN has been treating victims of torture and war-time violence since 1992. People from around 40 countries mainly from Chechnya, Turkey, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, the Balkans and African countries seek help. Women, men, adolescents and children receive both medical and psychotherapeutic help as well as social assistance.

Multidisciplinary Team

Our multidisciplinary team is specialized in medicine, psychotherapy, psychology, physiotherapy, social work and creative therapies. Together with specially trained interpreters they treat about 400 patients yearly.

Public Relations and Lobbying

We raise awareness through numerous publications for both the general public and professionals, through participation in congresses and conferences, by networking with national as well as international organizations and bodies as well as public relation work.

Our international activities focus on the establishment of treatment centres in persecutory states and crisis areas.

Public and private support

This wide range of offers can only be maintained due to our public and private donors, supporters and sponsors.


1992  Founding of the Berlin Center for Torture Victims (bzfo)

1997  Founding of the Ueberleben Foundation for Torture Victims

2005  Cooperation with the Center for Migration and Refugee Services

2005  Founding of the non-profit organization Catania

2008  Combination of these organizations under the umbrella of the Center UEBERLEBEN

2016  Change of legal status from bzfo to the Center ÜBERLEBEN gGmbH