Our special library provides documentation and research into the specific consequences of torture, persecution and extreme traumatization.

Since the foundation of the Berlin Center for torture victims, the librarian has set up a comprehensive collection.

With over 38 000 documents and media it is the only library of its kind in Germany on the subject of trauma and torture. The library catalog encompasses over 20.500 data sets. Additionally we subscribe to about 100 journals.

Along with books, journals and newspaper articles we also collect, prepare, and make accessible congress materials, yearly reports, brochures, audio and film recordings on the following subjects:

  • diagnostics and treatment for torture and trauma
  • intercultural psychotherapy and psychiatry
  • Shoah survivors, Gulag survivors, persons persecuted by the East German Secret Police and other victims of totalitarian regimes

In our Press Archive you can find background information about the countries of origin of our patients e.g. Chechnya, Turkey, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, the Balkans and countries where human rights abuses take place.

External persons are able to access the reference collection on request, or we can recommend suitable titles.

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