Rehabilitation and Integration

Each year we treat around 500 children, adolescants and adults from over 50 countries. Our patients receive treatments as out-patients or in the Day Clinic for general medical, psychotherapeutic and psychosocial problems. Social workers assist patients further in legal matters relating to refugee status and foreign persons as well as in safeguarding these rights.

The Day Clinic is the only one of its kind in Germany, offering severely psychologically ill persons interculturally compatible, semi-inpatient, therapies. In order to help patients in their everyday lives and to structure their days, the Day Clinic organizes a weekly meeting that is optional for patients as an after-care service. Additionally, patients are offered an ergotherapy course, consultation with a medical doctor and assistance in problems relating to their residency rights.

In the out-patient center and the Day Clinic we provide offer various trauma-oriented treatment methods such as psychodynamic psychotherapy, behavioural therapy and systematic family therapy.

These treatments are supported further with resource-oriented therapies like music, art and gestalt therapy, through physically-directed therapies like phsyiotherapy, respiratory therapy and concentrated kinesitherapy. We work in individual and group therapy sessions, and for specific cases, we also offer family or couples counselling. Our interpreters assist in building bridges between languages and cultures.