Writing Therapy over the Internet in Arabic-Speaking Areas


The internet provides the possibility to give individuals psychological support without requiring that therapist and patient meet at a physical location. The internet-based therapy can therefore be offered in a number of crisis affected regions or post-war areas as initial psychological assistance.

Interapy is an internet-based therapy for patients with post-traumatic stress reactions that was originally developed by the "Clinical Psychology" working-group from the University of Amsterdam. Interapy is based on cognitive-behavioural therapy (Ansatz), where the central focus is writing therapy in order to process the traumatic events that have been experienced. The therapy takes place exclusively over the internet where patients are guided in using writing as a tool for working through their traumatic experiences in order to evaluate their trauma from a new and less burdensome perspective.


A randomised control study is currently underway to test the effectiveness and acceptance of internet-based writing therapy for traumatized patients in Arabic-speaking areas. Detailed information about the therapy and participation can be found on the websites



Prof. Dr. Christine Knaevelsrud (Freie Universität Berlin)

Prof. Dr. Birgit Wagner (Medical School of Berlin)


Dipl. Psych. Johanna Laskawi


Dr. Abed Azzam

Dipl.-Psych. Lutz Vöhringer

B. Sc.-Psych. Pirko Selmo

M. Sc.-Psych. Jana Stein

B. Sc. Samer Lorenz El-Safadi


Dr. Alexandra Liedl

Dipl. Soz.päd. Salma Tahir

Dipl. Psych. Rabih Sacher

Dr. Johanna Böttcher

Cooperation Partner

Medical School Berlin


The study is financially supported by the German Foreign Office, the Heinrich Böll Foundation and Misereor.

Contact Person

Dipl. Psych. Johanna Laskawi

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